Marv Poulson

Marv Poulson
Sculpture by Marv

MarvArtist Statement
Sculpting stone represents a gift to me and one that I in turn strive to share. In this, I hope to engage both visual and tactile interaction with each stone and the viewer.

My creative process engages me with the uniqueness of each stone, providing an opportune beginning to become progressively intimate with the material. This approach allows my imagination and the stone to merge in the crucible of time and contemplation. Through this collaboration, the sculpture emerges.

My work rises both from inspiration and intention as I seek the sublime, engaging emotion and stone with conceptual interpretation. Each creative solution follows an
exploration of each stone through direct sculptural techniques with native western U.S. stone for both esthetic and physical qualities inviting both visual and tactile
attraction in a timeless medium.

As is my way, I finish each sculpture to a fine surface to please the eye while seeking to engage the hand for tactile response to extend the viewer’s interaction and enjoyment. To this end I also engineer my signature kinetic mount into every sculpture, allowing the viewer to easily select the viewing position. And, through progressive innovation, I now show pieces featuring my unique kinetic mounting in new mixed media stone and patinated-metal wall presentations.

Marv Working