Laurel Peterson Gregory

GregoryLaurel’s work has always represented her vision and spirit. And if her current bronze series is any indication, that spirit is a tad whimsical.

“Life is often way too serious. I want my pieces to lift the viewer and take them to a better place for a timeless moment. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone smile and laugh with my work.”

Laurel is a classically trained sculptor. As a former repeat Director of the Board for the La Scuola Classical Sculpture School, she keeps one eye on the masters and the other on the present.

Her work draws on her love of figurative expression and the freedom of impressionistic interpretation. Not to mention her love of animals. All of her work builds on her ability to observe and capture motion in clean lines.

Laurel’s process typically begins with careful scrutiny of the anatomy and movement of her intended subject. Even though her work is stylized, she’s found that her faithful depictions of ratio, proportion, and weighting allow patrons to connect with pieces on an immediate, intuitive level.

image004Dozens of digital images and sketches later, the subtle positions, relationships, and attitudes of her characters capture the feeling and story she seeks to convey in the piece.

After Laurel sculpts a piece in wax or oil-based clay, traditional lost-wax casting processes immortalize the design in bronze. One aspect of particular interest to her, and one for which she plans early in the sculpting phase, is the complex and rich patinas that constitute another hallmark of her work. Multiple layers of chemicals and oxides are applied to the heated bronze to achieve a range of unique effects, both translucent and opaque, that complement each design.

Laurel’s range of expression is enabled by a comprehensive skill set gained from extensive life experience. After earning a degree in Industrial Arts from Humboldt State University in Northern California, she came to her art in a roundabout way: mechanic, Master electrician, building official, sculptor. From design to production, there is little that she can’t do to realize her visions.

When she’s not in the studio, Laurel can usually be found in the 10 large gardens with which she’s surrounded her home and converted barn in the foothills of the Front Range south of Denver.

Laurel’s work has received multiple awards, been collected around the world, and is represented by galleries across the United States. She has fulfilled numerous private, corporate, and public commissions, including Kaiser Permanente, Benson Sculpture Garden, Loveland, CO, Castle Rock, CO, and Little Rock, AK.


Laurel Peterson Gregory