JoAnne Windsand

Art And The Artist

JoAnne WindsandArt is an ecstatic act of conscious Suffering. It is a visceral experience engaging the paradox of joyful creation while opening awareness to all that is most naked and raw. The “eureka experience” brings the highest of Joys and can provide happiness for a lifetime. Art provides these moments. Art is also deadly if the abyss opens wide and the speck of physical existence quails. I was an artist and experienced both amplitudes before I first picked up a brush.


The privilege of free thought and consanguinity allow a choice of those we wish to Profile and feel a deeper connection.
JoAnne Windsand in the StudioArtists choose heroes and mentors from all ages and may seek their unspoken approbation by a best effort. I have mine. They include Imogen Cunningham, Imhotep (Creator of the Thirteen Saqqara Portals), José Clemente Orozco, Van Gogh, Edward Hooper and Georgia O’Keeffe. With grace, I offer thanks to those who opened my Eye.

-JoAnne WindSand