Jan Bushart

Artist’s Statement 

“I paint because I must. I may be so inspired by the way light strikes a particular scene for a brief moment in time that I simply need to paint it. I find painting on location (en plein air) to be the most honest and direct form of painting there is. I literally immerse myself in the scene. We become one for a while, sharing our secrets on canvas. I can feel the cool breeze, smell the salt air…while I gradually become aware that the tide has come in and the waves are trying to steal my easel. There is an urgency to capture the fleeting light and shadow patterns that make plein air painting so fascinating. (There can also be the need to complete the painting before the tide comes up.) ”

“Nothing sharpens an artist’s skills like painting on location.  A successful painting is like a symphony. All of the color notes should be harmonious with one another except for purposeful dissonance for contrast. Any fine tuning of a piece must be limited to leave space between the notes and allow the viewer the opportunity to relate to the painting in their own way. I want share the ‘essence’ of the scene. I moved to Hawaii because it is truly the most inspiring place I’ve ever painted. Hawaii is a land of contrasts and has the perfect balance of warm and cool colors. Blue waves turning to white foam as they crash into black lava.”

The diversity of people and cultures in the islands are intriguing and mysterious. When I paint on location I absorb more than I realize at the time and it restores my spirit.  I also enjoy painting in very diverse environments like California, Arizona and Colorado.  It keeps my eyes fresh and surprised by different pallets.  Travelling also helps appease the gypsy in me.”


Jan has been painting all of her life. At the age of 20 she received a scholarship from the Laguna Beach School of Art while studying watercolor with Roger Armstrong. At that point she knew she would forever be cleaning paint from under her fingernails. She went on to receive a BA in Art from California State University at Chico. She helped support herself in college by selling her paintings. By the time she graduated, Jan was represented by galleries in California, Alaska, Arizona and Hawaii. 

In 1998 Jan made the move from California to Hawaii. At this point she started working primarily in oils. Seeing a need to unite artists from the different Hawaiian Islands, in 2005 she founded the only juried statewide outdoor painting group, Plein Air Painters of Hawaii. She is a Signature Member, Founder and President of Plein Air Painters of Hawaii which currently has over 125 members from Hawaii and the mainland. She has organized numerous Plein Air Exhibitions, 4 Annual Members Shows and over 10 Paint-out Shows on 5 different islands for Plein Air Painters of Hawaii. In August 2005, International Artist Magazine featured Bushart and Plein Air Painters of Hawaii in a 9 page article featuring Bushart on the cover.

Her work is collected by Hollywood Studios Gallery who lease the paintings to the Hollywood film industry. They have supplied paintings in countless films such as “Million Dollar Baby “. Jan’s paintings are in private and corporate collections around the world.


– Best of Show, Evergreen Fine Arts Festival 2013
– Founders Award, Makawao Invitational
– Artist’s Choice, PAPOH 2nd Annual
– Second Place, Lahaina Art Society
– Great Makawao Invitational Award

– La Quinta Arts Festival
– 2016-2011: Beaver Creek Art Festival, Aspen Art Festival, Vail Arts Festival, Evergreens Fine Art Festival and Breckenridge Main Street Art Festival
– Maui Plein Air Invitational
– Makawao Invitational
– Plein Air Painters of Hawaii Members Show for the past 9 years

Jan Bushart