Harold Linke

3124 Elk View Dr. * Evergreen CO  * 303-475-2409 * harold@linkesculpture.com   

Vision — Create joy with great art. When, 100 years from now, someone finds my sculpture, they think, “He saw the world as a wonderful place.”

Harold Linke-Sculptor
Energy and connection.  Nothing good in society, community, art, music, sports or health exists without energy and connection.  Likewise, every ill can be solved with more energy or more connection. Energy and connection inspired my sculpture.  My sculpture’s wispy, swirling, white transparency exists to connect us with something higher in our own spirit.  Perhaps we seek bravery, justice, speed, teamwork or excellence.  All require connection; all require energy.  My work embodies both in joyful, iconic figures for our time.  White represents light, goodness, innocence, safety and purity, in short, the color of perfection, inclusive of all colors.  My white sculpture draws your attention immediately, a gift of energy and connection that can truly change our world. I have been a commercially successful sculptor for 30 years and have placed well over 1000 sculptures in public and private collections throughout the world,

Notable Placements:
  2019   National Figure Skating Trophy of Davis & White for award to National Ice Dance Champions
  2018   Silverthorne CO three figure heroic EnerJoy
  2018   City of Alamosa CO heroic size Running Girl.
  2018   Peggy Fleming Commission for National Figure Skating Trophy, Broadmoor Ice Arena, Colorado Springs
  2018   Centennial, CO developer heroic size Running Girl
   2017   Sculpture at the River Market, of St. Little Rock, AR purchased half-life size rendition of Girly Curl for permanent collection of the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden.
   2016   Sculpture at the River Market, Little Rock, AR purchased half-life size rendition of White Step for permanent collection of the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden.
   2016   City of St. Joseph, MO purchased half-life size rendition of White Step for permanent collection
   2015    Retrospective Essential Sculpture-A Retrospective of H. Linke’s Work
   2014    Elected to National Sculptors’ Guild & City of Lafayette purchased half-life size rendition of Girly Curl  for permanent collection.
   2013    Benson Sculpture Garden commissioned a life-­size rendition of Girly Curl for their permanent collection.
   2009    The Swedish Dance academy commissioned the prestigious Swedish Dance Academy’s Choreography award.
   2007    Provided technical design services for the large fountain (Grand Confluence) at the Grand Junction, Colorado Convention Center created by Ivan Kosta.
   2006    First Data Corporation commissioned a life-size memorial for Timmy Sowders, a young boy who died tragically. The result, Timmy’s Eagle, is a sculpture that honors and preserves his memory and inspires others.

Notable Awards
   2017     Greeley, Colorado – People’s Choice Award
   2014    Evergreen Center for the Arts – Juror’s Award  
   2012    Best Sculpture-­City Arts, Dallas, Texas
   2010    Lakewood Colorado Cultural Center  –   Juror’s Award
   2002    Artist in Residence, Wilmot Elementary, Jefferson County, Colorado
   1999    Keystone Colorado Art Festival  -­  Best Sculpture

Jury Selected Shows and Sculpture Walks
   2018  Art in the Square, Southlake TX
   2018  Art on 73rd, Westminster CO
   2018  Art in the Square, Southlake TX 
   2014, 18, & 19 Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk, Sioux Falls SD
   2017  Art Trails, Moab UT
   2017-19  Celebrate the Arts Sculpture Walk, Sheridan WY
   2017-18  Artscape, Alamosa CO 
   2017  Sculpture on Loan, Greeley CO
   2017 & 18 Douglas County Art Encounters, Roxborough  & Lone Tree CO
   2016 & 18 St. Joseph Sculpture Walk  St. Joseph, MO
   2011,14&19   Art on the Street Sculpture Walk   Lafayette, CO
   2016    Art on Parade Sculpture Walk    Northglenn, CO
   2016 & 18  Art on the Move Sculpture Walk   Longmont, CO
   2016    Art Encounters Sculpture Walk   Castlerock, CO    
   2004 & 16  Sculpture Evergreen Sculpture Walk   Evergreen, CO
   2011-18 Sculpture in the Park  Loveland, CO
   2016-17    Sculpture at the River Market  Little Rock Arkansas
   2012-19 La Quinta Arts Festival  La Quinta, California
   2015    Single Juror Essential Sculpture Cultural Center  Lakewood, Colorado
   2015    Art aRound Town, Sculpture Walk Carbondale, Colorado
   2014-18 Art on the Corner Sculpture Walk   Grand Junction, Colorado
   2015    Art Encounters Sculpture Walk    Lone Tree, Colorado
   2015    ARTSites 2016 Sculpture Walk  Monument, Colorado
   2015    Sculpturewalk Sioux Falls   Sioux Falls, South Dakota
   2014 & 17    Art for Awhile, Sculpture Walk  Broomfield, Colorado
   2014 & 18  Art on Havana Sculpture Walk   Aurora, Colorado
   2014    Articulture, Celebrating Art in the Garden-­ Art on Loan Fort Collins, Colorado
   2014    The Warehouse Gang Show  Evergreen Colorado
   2014    Governor’s Art Show  Loveland, Colorado
   2014    Love Out of Bounds  Evergreen, Colorado
   2013    Identity, Lakewood Cultural Center      Lakewood, Colorado
   2012-17 Art on the Commons    Lakewood, Colorado
   2012    Aurora Art Walk    Aurora, Colorado
   2012    City Arts Dallas, Texas
   2012    The Fine Art of Craft  Evergreen, Colorado
   2012    Gestalt, Lakewood Cultural Center   Lakewood, Colorado
   2012 & 17 The Art Advocacy Program   Loveland, Colorado
   2009    Abstracting the Figure, Lakewood Cultural Center Lakewood, Colorado
   2009-10  Open Door Studios   Evergreen, Colorado
   2008    Lakewood, Colorado, Cultural Center Art on the Commons Lakewood, Colorado
   2008    Center for the Arts Small Works Show    Evergreen, Colorado
   1999-2007   Loveland Sculpture Invitational   Loveland, Colorado
   2006    Evergreen Invitational    Evergreen, Colorado
   2005    Summerfest  Evergreen, Colorado
   2005    Riverwalk Fine Art & Wine Affaire  Avon, Colorado
   2003-2005    Evergreen Arts Festival   Evergreen, Colorado
   2002-2004    Avon, Colorado, Fine Arts Festival   Avon, Colorado
   2000-2004    Thunderbird Artists Shows   Arizona
   2000    Hudson Gardens Art Walk  Littleton, Colorado
   1999    Keystone Colorado Art Festival  Keystone, Colorado
   1998    Saratoga Wyoming Art Festival  Saratoga, Wyoming

Major Commissions
Amy & Steve Coyer   Avon, Colorado
Wendy & Michael Creveling    Akron, Ohio
First Data Corporation Denver, Colorado
Peggy Fleming  Littleton, Colorado
Donald Godwin  Dallas, Texas
Mike & BC Jacoby  Tubac, AZ
Joe & June Lee  Las Cruces, New Mexico
Robert Leatherman & Kathy Pitner  Aspen, Colorado
Loveland Arts Council, Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, Colorado
National Figure Skating Association  Detroit, MI
Geisbart Niklas, Dortmund, Germany
Dans Och Musical Gymnasium, Lund, Sweden
Suzy Sears  Ponte Vedra, Florida
Dr. James & Linda Walpole  Evergreen Colorado
Ted & Judy Zelio  Denver, Colorado

Bachelor & Masters of Science, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA       

Teaching Experience
2002       Wilmot Elementary, Artist-­in-Residence teaching sculpture to 460 K-­5 students for the first semester culminating in a huge sculpture show
1998-16  Merit Badge Counselor for Boy Scouts of America-Art, Design & Sculpture