Dirk Yuricich

Dirk Yuricich

I’m interested in the experience of the moment of the shot, usually a serendipitous discovery, rather than a calculated hunt for a requisite “must have” shot. All of my compositions are unplanned, as I am moved by the mood, the moment, the light, the joy of discovery.

Colors, textures, shapes, and how they resonate the passage of time, all move me to compose a photograph. I enjoy the challenge of creating an image of the familiar, of the ordinary, of the cliché, but interpreting it in a unique way. We all walk by and see the same objects, but each of us sees a different angle, a different color, a different combination of focus and emphasis, and feel something different.

Much of my work is travel oriented, so invariably the most accessible interaction is about the place, the culture, and traveling there. I taught Cross Cultural Studies and Languages in college in Austria and Japan, so much of my interest in photography is in the interaction with another culture, the unique aspects of each place, the discovery of an ever more diverse world, the joy of being alive, and the ever expanding discovery of oneself within that fabric of the world.
I was born and raised in Southern California. For the past 35 years, I have traveled, studied, taught, and photographed in over thirty countries. After living in Japan for 12 years, I returned to the United States to a place that I love, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. I have lived in Lake Tahoe now for the past 15 years.

I shoot with 35 mm format cameras, do all of my own printing using archival inks, on both photographic paper and canvas. I also mat and frame or stretch my photographs.

My photography covers a broad spectrum of styles including photojournalistic studies of other cultures and historical subjects, and artistic interpretations of landscapes and flora – exposing the graphic design imagery that often lies hidden in nature and man-made objects.

Dirk Yuricich Photography