David Falossi

David Falossi, Carving the Heavy Burden

Sculpture is how I communicate my perspective, vision, and wonder of the miraculous equation of life.

I want to entice the viewer with beauty- not just visual attraction but a physical feeling that moves and resonates. I look for the spirit of my subject. Why is this happening? What is it about this theme that inspires me? Can it have a positive affect on people? There is a pattern of my subject matter to engage the viewer and redirect focus from the visual to the deeper meaning and the more profound potential in all of us.

I have a series of work that deals with essential components of creation and life itself, a series about the human condition and how capable we all can be, and another series that explores the aspects of life and character that transcends mortality.

1957: Born in San Diego, California.
1969: Decided to be an artist at age 12.
1971: Built and painted theatrical sets for off Broadway productions in the summer.
1975 : Graduated from Helix high school.
1975-1982: Employed by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees creating props, lighting, and carpentry for off Broadway productions.
1976-1979 Grossmont City College, Art major
1980-1982: San Diego State University School of Art and Design. Bachelor of Arts, major Art, emphasis Sculpture.
1982-1985: Apprenticeship and first studio at Southwest Onyx and Marble Co., San Diego.
1985: Married to Elena Marie Kuskey, Santa Barbara, CA.
1985-1997: Gallery representation from galleries in Carmel, La Jolla, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Coronado, Palm Desert, Scottsdale.
1989: Opened Falossi Studio in Yucca Valley, CA.
1982-2009: Significant number of public exhibitions, gallery showings, and awards.
2000: Opened Falossi Studio private gallery, Yucca Valley, CA.

I use stone because it is a link to the earth; its richness and varieties are a miracle in itself. I have found that carving stone is the most difficult of all the artistic mediums. The difficulty in the medium requires the sculptor to commit to a long and difficult process that yields a great reward. For me, the process is similar to the journey of life. Glass in my sculpture represents the human spirit, life, and the miraculous. When I combine these materials I am symbolically creating the equation that makes all life possible.


  • Mayor’s Purchase Award Beverly Hills 1987, 2000
  • First Place Beverly Hills 1987, 1989, 1990, 2004, 2006, 2009
  • Honorable Mention Beverly Hills Arts Festival 1987
  • Award of Merit, La Quinta Arts Festival 1988
  • Second Place Beverly Hills 1991
  • Award of Merit, Santa Barbara Museum 1991
  • Award of Excellence La Quinta Arts Festival 1993
  • First Place Scottsdale Arts Festival 1996
  • Beverly Hills Second Place Sculpture 2003
  • Indian Wells Second place 2003
  • First Place, The South West Arts Festival, 2003, 2005
  • Second Place The South West Arts Festival Indio, 2004
  • Award of Merit, La Quinta Arts Festival 2006
  • Indian Wells Second place 2007
  • Indian Wells Rock Star 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Award of Merit, Southwest Art Show 2008
  • First Place Beverly Hills sculpture 2009
  • Second Place Indian Wells Arts Festival 2010

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