Chris Povall

Photographers take pictures, I capture moments.

Whether it is conceptual photo art, portraits, special events, landscape, or real estate, photographs should tell stories of people and places and ideas; a crooked smile or a fleck of light in the eyes or a shadow in just the right place can inspire feelings like nothing else. That is what I do.

From the heart of the Coachella Valley to all of Southern California, moments and memories are waiting to be captured with skill, passion, and imagination.  For as long as I can remember, art & photography have always been my center. Even as a kid growing up in Upstate New York, I would grab my mother’s old point & click and spend hours in town or in the woods searching for the perfect subject, angle, and lighting; for a story to tell.


My passion turned to profession in my 20’s, when I moved to Los Angeles and started my career in Television. Like so many before me, I started shooting b-roll and extra footage for various productions. Ultimately, creativity and imagination led me to editing and postproduction; I learned how interesting it was to make one thing look like another, how a single image could tell different stories.

After years developing and practicing and perfecting skills, telling the stories Hollywood wanted me to tell, it was time to set out to tell my stories.