Bruce Sanford Day

Bruce Sanford Day

A California native, born in 1940

   The love Bruce has for his art began when he was very young, spending many hours copying the paintings and drawings in his Grandfather’s studio on the family orange ranch that his Grandfather planted in 1908.  As a child, Bruce played in the sunlit corridors of the grove, helped cultivate the land and developed an extensive butterfly collection, which inspired and influenced his feeling for shimmering light, contrast and color.  At age 10 his first job as a budding artist was at church drawing biblical scenes in colored chalk on a large blackboard for the Pastor’s sermon.

   Bruce studied art in high school, however, being a teenager in the “50’s”, he also found a new love; hot rods.  He obtained and old 1940 Chevrolet Coupe and became engrossed in mechanics, car clubs and cruising.  He also drew and painted more hot rods than anything else in art class.  Today we still have a 1940 Chevy Coupe.

   Bruce continued to study art throughout his years in the Air Force and the Calif. Div. Of  Forestry.   Realizing that he was devoting more time to his art and enjoying it much more, he decided to attend Monterey Peninsula College, Art Center College of Design, and Calif. State University, Fullerton.

    In 1968, he began his full time career in art with the intention of painting with integrity and honesty, challenging himself in the pursuit of creative vision and originality.

     As a professional artist, Bruce was invited to teach a semester of life drawing at Chapman University in 1990.  His seminars and judging include numerous art leagues and the San Bernardino County Fair.

   Bruce is dedicated to the benefit of others.  He is involved in fund raising for the Capistrano Valley Conservancy, Nature Conservancy, Crystal Cove Alliance, St. Joseph Hospital Foundation, N. M., Neighbors Relief Fund, Irvine Valley College, Mission San Juan Capistrano, City of Santa Ana/ Bowers Museum, and for several parks and wilderness areas to support the preservation of our natural habitat and for the education of our youth.

   Since 1972 Bruce has lived in Modjeska Canyon, Orange County, where he still finds the shimmering light and color that once gave flight to his imagination as a child.  His inner vision remains as strong today.

Bruce’s personal statement

  I do what I love to do; I paint from my heart and hope that my work brings happiness and peace into the lives of others.

   To me, creativity takes precedence over a polished technique.  The mood and feelings generated by my art are important to me.  I ask myself; do I impart my intended emotion successfully?  Did the first impression or feeling still apply after a complete viewing?

For information please call his studio:  714 649-2432 to speak with Caroline and Bruce.

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