Angela Marie


            Angela Marie‚Äôs artistic passion began as a child spending time learning and watching her grandmother paint landscapes in oils. As soon as she was old enough to hold a paint brush, Angela was motivated to find her own creative expression using acrylic paints.  As a self taught aspiring artist she would diligently practice with different techniques and subject matters in order to find her own unique style. 

            With her other interest in fashion design, Angela attended the New York Fashion Academy in Seattle, Washington.  Shortly after school she moved to California to pursue a career in the fashion and art industry working in costume design for the Palm Springs Follies Theater.  She also did some part-time work for Jeremy Scott, a well known fashion designer in the Hollywood Hills.  With her combined interest in fashion and her life long love for art, Angela Marie is inspired to incorporate both passions in her focused medium of acrylic on canvas.

            Angela Marie is a new emerging artist who has been in the Coachella Valley for just over 15 years and resides with her husband in Palm Desert, California.

Artist Statement         

            Painting is not only a form of meditation and relaxation for me, but it is a soul searching experience. When I sit down to paint, it is my desire to create something that is visually stimulating and intriguing.  There are four different elements I strive for in my art which are visual depth, rich color, texture, and human emotion. With a history in fashion and art, I am influenced and inspired by the human body, fashion textiles, and the natural environment which I apply to my own creative works.

            Acrylic paint is my medium of choice along with subtle touches of glass beads, pearls, shells and natural stones to add a more tactile element to select pieces of art.  My application techniques are inspired by mosaic style art and pointillism in combination with my own  techniques in order to create contrasting textures and details.  I begin my creative process by setting up a relaxing environment in my home studio. I always sketch some ideas on paper and then apply my inspirations to the canvas. Some of my pieces are created exactly as intended from my original sketch, while most pieces I let evolve in order to let a deeper part of my creative side be more expressive and spontaneous.

            I am passionate about sharing my creative works in the way in which I perceive beauty in the human form and the natural environment around me.  As a long time resident in the Coachella Valley, I have been greatly influenced and inspired by the variety and resilience of the plant life in the desert. Bringing these elements to canvas in a visually stimulating and expressive way is my way of communicating who I am and what I enjoy with the rest of the world.