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Artist Advisor Spotlight: Painter Tate Hamilton

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NOTICE: La Quinta Arts Festival 2017 Application Deadline is September 30th, 2016. Apply today!

La Quinta Arts Festival Artist Advisor Tate Hamilton has been painting for many years and enjoys painting in a ‘painterly’ style.   He travels all over the U.S. and shows in only the top festivals in the country.  He has won many awards in different states.

Booth # 909

“Painting to me is about having fun and challenging myself, using the basic visual elements. To create my style I use the general ‘painterly’ philosophy, large shapes which begin with my darkest darks and whittle them down into smaller lighter shapes. I generally only use a #12 brush and get big thick brushstrokes. I only use 5 colors on my palette: Cad yellow, Cad red, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine blue and Sap green. I can paint just about any subject and prefer painting cityscapes.” –Tate Hamilton

Booth # 672

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