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Artist Advisor Spotlight: Mark Lewanski

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An engineer, inventor and artist, Mark Lewanski founded ‘Glassboxguy’ studio in 2000 with the goal of revitalizing the art of stained glass. For ten years, he created thousands of colorful glass boxes, demonstrating a wide range of style and intricacy.

Glass boxes by Mark Lewanski

As a result, this research paved the way for him to create his signature contemporary glass art:  “woven glass artscapes”.

Woven glass by Mark Lewanski

Woven Glass

He explains, “Woven glass is an enigma, a complex and beautiful mystery. It challenges the observer in perceptions of material properties. The technique of glass weaving is a multi-stage process that involves forming thin strips of glass into waves, creating the weft. Straight (warp) pieces are then fed through rows of wefts. The resulting structure is then melted over a hand sculpted, clay mold within the kiln. The woven glass surfaces are then mounted in heavy, steel frames for wall hanging.”

Ultimately, he has become a creative vanguard in the field, with his trademark glass boxes bought and appreciated by thousands of art lovers worldwide. In addition to inventing this technique and style, he also custom-built his artist booth. 

Artwork by Mark Lewanski, photo by Palm Springs Life Magazine

“I like to think I’m one part Leonardo, one part Thomas Edison and one part Dale Chiluly. I love to work with a talented group of craftspeople to turn the ideas into reality. My studio is a hotbed of creative energy: growing, morphing, kindling collaborations with like-minded individuals with passions and aesthetics akin to my own,” shares Mark.

We are thrilled to welcome Mark to the Artist Advisory Board for La Quinta Arts Festival 2019.  We suggest artists contact him directly for tips on how to think outside the box!