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Art Under the Umbrellas Spotlight: Stevie Weinberg

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Stevie Weinberg | Art Under the Umbrellas Spotlight

Stevie relates that she began her career as a jewelry designer in 2005 by “playing with rocks and sheet metal (aka semi-precious stones and fine silver sheet and wire).”  From there she progressed to Precious Metal Clay, then on to polymer clay.  In 2010 her interest turned to bead weaving and bead embroidery. Her current focus is on dimensional and geometric hand woven beadwork.

“I love jewelry with loads of color, and aim for fun and sassy in my designs,” says Weinberg. “I gather my design and color inspiration from so many places — window dressing, fabrics, textures and sometimes from my dreams!” 

“A consistent question I’m asked is, ‘Do you draw out your design before implementing it in the project?’ The answer is a resounding ‘NO.’ Whatever my original intent, each piece morphs as I weave and sew, my finished pieces almost never look like my original intent.”  


Meet Art Under the Umbrellas’ favorite redhead, Stevie Weinberg, at the February 1st show, and at all Umbrellas events throughout the season.