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Art Under the Umbrellas Spotlight | Robert Weil

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Featured Artist for the January 18th show is Mixed Media Artist Robert Weil

Robert Weil is a self-described “image junkie” who paints from old photographs, original drawings, stills from home movies, video grabs and digital photography. “Some of these images are scanned into my computer and graphically altered,” explains Weil. “I paint the final image on wood or canvas using acrylic paint. I often use an airbrush, painting freehand without the use of masking materials. This creates a soft, feather-edged effect.”

True to his Mixed Media classification, Weil produces his fun, storytelling artwork using lithography, silkscreen, etching, monotype, offset lithography, computer graphics, photography and acrylic painting on wood, aluminum, and canvas.

Currently residing in Malibu, Robert studied at the Art Institute in San Francisco and in Santa Barbara with Professor Kenneth Nack (1923 – 2009) a notable American abstract painter, collage artist.

A past exhibitor at La Quinta Arts Festival, this is Weil’s first season as an Art Under the Umbrellas participant, for which he was chosen as a Featured Artist for the January 18th show.


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