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Art Under the Umbrellas Spotlight: Leslee Adams

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Leslee Adams | Art Under the Umbrellas Spotlight

The Watercolor Chef-Leslee Adams welcomes the new season with her latest California Mission series, local desert cacti, Poppy series, the popular doors/gates and for the food lovers too. Her travels this summer up the coast, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah gave her new inspiration.

As a professional chef, her love for food and painting blended together to make her vibrant art work what it is today. The rich color and texture rarely seen in Watercolors shows in her paintings.

Her latest paintings will debut at the first Art Under the Umbrellas event of the season:

leslee adams

Springtime Poppies


Leslee Adams

San Juan Capistrano Mission

Visit Leslee’s Artist Gallery to see more of her work.

And Visit Leslee at Art Under the Umbrellas’ at October 31st show, and at all Umbrellas events throughout the season.