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Art Under the Umbrellas Spotlight: Laurent Martres

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Art Under the Umbrellas Spotlight:  Laurent Martres

Photographer Laurent Martres, Art Under the Umbrella’s top-selling artist for the 2012/13 season, returns with new work from his American Southwest and World travel photography collection.  Laurent is the award-winning author and publisher of the “Photographing the Southwest” book series on Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.

When not managing his business or exhibiting at art festivals, Laurent travels as much as he can around the U.S. and the world, constantly looking for new locations and images. “These are hard trips, requiring a lot of concentration to achieve the results I want,” Laurent says.

Martres only does about twelve shows a year, but he does them all with maximum impact – very large displays and artwork – as well as fresh new material every year. “I specialize in large artwork, which I print on canvas in my studio,” Laurent adds. “It’s classic realist photography, but the combination of pigments, canvas, and varnish makes it more akin to painting. Canvas is a great new medium for my photography and my patrons love it.”

Indeed Laurent’s large images never fail to impress and delight Coachella Valley visitors and residents, with their bold colors, incredible clarity, and striking three-dimensionality. Stop by his booth on the Art Under the Umbrellas lawn to enjoy his work.  Martres is also on the prestigious artist roster of La Quinta Arts Festival 2014, the #1 Fine Art and Fine Craft Festival in the Nation.