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Art Under the Umbrellas Spotlight: Joanne Casey

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Joanne Casey | Art Under the Umbrellas Spotlight

The studio of collage artist Joanne Casey is a world of color, fiber, and texture.  Piled in shelves from floor to ceiling are richly textured and colored papers from around the world.  And it is not only paper that fills her studio.  Twigs, stones, feathers, shells, scraps of wood, metal, beads, leather…Just about anything can end up in her art!

Joanne’s collages range from modern geometrics to earthy landscapes and Southwest-inspired images.  She often works directly with her customers to create collages that suit their individual tastes and decor.

Joanne Casey

Best Friends by Joanne Casey

Joanne’s recent shadowbox collection has been inspired by the beautiful surroundings of her new summer home in Sedona, AZ.  These three-dimensional collages, celebrating the spiritual beauty of nature, often include crystals, geodes, and organic materials along with her papers.

Joanne Casey

Distant Horizons by Joanne Casey

Visit Joanne’s Artist Gallery to view more of her work!

Joanne invites you to enjoy her new artworks throughout the season at Art Under the Umbrellas.