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Art Under the Umbrellas | Artist Spotlight: Penelope Krebs

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Art Under the Umbrellas begins Saturday Oct. 26th | Artist Spotlight: Penelope Krebs

Penelope Krebs: Red Chested Birds Art Under the Umbrellas October 26th

Penelope Krebs | Red Chested Birds

Penelope Krebs has proved herself a master in the art of capturing nature with great precision using watercolors. Her focal subjects are the beloved, delicate birds that she studies so intensely wherever she goes. Some of her newest works were created from photographs she took while on a National Geographic Lindblad Expedition to Alaska’s coastal wilderness this summer. Penelope will exhibit her highly detailed collection of much sought after bird paintings at all eight Art Under the Umbrellas shows beginning October 26th. She is also a past exhibitor at La Quinta Arts Festival.

Penelope Krebs: Horned Owl Art Under the Umbrellas October 26th

Penelope Krebs | Horned Owl