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Art Under the Umbrellas | Artist Spotlight: Derek Voien

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AUU Artist Spotlight: Derek Voien

I am a ceramic artist.  I take clay, water, fire, and minerals, transforming and alchemizing these elements into objects of use and hopefully beauty.  I am drawn to opposites: contemporary/ancient, tight vs. organic, hot colors vs. cool colors.  I try to marry all these into a harmonious and joyful relationship.  This is my work and my play.  

I work with smooth white clay with my throwing and hand building. I use texture, cut outs, add cut out shapes to a form, slip trail, carve, distort and anything I think adds to the personality of the piece. I sometimes take several separate thrown pieces, put them together to create a new shaped piece. I use jewel tone glazes to enhance and draw out the life and magic of the work, hopefully ending in an object of delight. – Derek Voien

Derek Voien will exhibit his vibrant line of ceramic pieces at Art Under the Umbrellas on February 1st as a Featured Artist and again on February 15, 2014.