Art Under the Umbrellas Artist Spotlight: Bridget Hoff

Art Under the Umbrellas Artist Spotlight: Bridget Hoff

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San Juan Capistrano jewelry designer Bridget Hoff truly believes that she was placed on this earth to make STUFF and when asked about her creative work process, she succinctly states,

“I just make what I make and I do what I do.”  So there!

Hoff’s clever and uniquely personal jewelry pieces are inspired by the eclectic materials (charms and chains and beads and things) she has at hand on any given day. Every single necklace, bracelet, or set of earrings is a handmade, one-of-a-kind mixed-media work of art, of which she feels she is “the ‘conduit’ or ‘messenger’ of some other creative force.”

Bridget sold her first piece of art in her father’s jewelry store when she was eight years old and has never stopped. “My art career is definitely a calling, if not a compulsion,” says Hoff. “I have not always made jewelry and the bulk of my career has been with mixed media wall pieces, but making jewelry has changed my life. Jewelry is very personal and I love making people happy.”

Hoff feels that how one engages with the public with jewelry is far different then how one engages when selling other kinds of work. “Then there is this connection that follows after that,” she adds. “The people I have met and been touched by in making this work has been extraordinary. I am so grateful to be given this gift of creativity and feel so lucky to have developed a following of people who love what I do. I feel truly blessed.”

Bridget’s booth at Art Under the Umbrellas is constantly jammed with her growing legion of collectors in search of that one particular piece that directly “speaks” to them. Bridget Hoff is a Featured Artist at the  March 22nd event — the last “Umbrella” show of the season.

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