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Another Beautiful Day in La Quinta at Art Under the Umbrellas

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Art Under the Umbrellas kicked off it’s sixth season this past Saturday with 65 artists exhibiting exciting new work for sale.  Fourteen artists presented their art for the first time in our beautiful desert, coming from throughout Southern California and Arizona and even Lake Tahoe!


The streets of Old Town La Quinta were awash in color and alive with hundreds of strolling patrons enjoying the music, interacting with the artists, and vying to take home unique treasures.


First time exhibitors Bozenna and Lukasz Bogucki had a steady supply of eager ladies clamoring for their posh stainless steel mesh handbags which iridesced in a rainbow of colors in the sunlight.  The Guggenheim and Smithsonian Museums carry their work!


Hannie Goldenwicht’s ceramics with woven pine needle collars were a big hit with the crowd.  Hannie placed first with these designs at the recent Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens.


Don McPhereson’s luminous apple and pear still life paintings on canvas were juicy enough to eat on a lovely fall day. 


The hummingbirds captured by the lens of Gilbert & Kelly Vela’s nature photography reminds us it is time for their return to the Desert, along with our Snowbird patrons from the North.


Look for Art Under the Umbrellas at Old Town La Quinta again on November 8, 2008.