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A Personal Side of La Quinta Arts Festival

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This month, art enthusiasts from around the country will travel to La Quinta to experience La Quinta Arts Festival, March 12-15 – presented by La Quinta Arts Foundation. Consistently named in the “Top 10 Arts Festivals” in the nation, we strive to stay fresh and ahead of the art curve by introducing new talent and drawing loyal patrons and new visitors each year.  


Recognized for its diverse art and culture, set against the scenic backdrop of the breathtaking Santa Rosa Mountains, attendees have come to expect incredible art and an overall great experience at La Quinta Arts Festival. But what some may not know are the stories behind the Festival and the amazing artists it gathers together.


At La Quinta Arts Foundation, we have a long history of supporting the artist community in the same way artists look after one another.  One example of that is especially relevant to this year’s Festival. Had it not been for an outpouring of generosity by his fellow artists, one of this year’s exhibitors – Rick Garcia – would not have been able to join us.


A few months ago, Rick’s home was one of 238 that were lost in the Santa Barbara Tea Fire. His livelihood as an artist was also in peril with the loss of his studio, art supplies and equipment – as well as his inventory collection, valued at more than $40,000. Only a few pieces of Rick’s collection were saved because they were in galleries.

 It was at this point Rick’s participation at the Festival was in jeopardy. But the unity of the arts community helped him pick up the pieces of this tragedy and get back on track again by immediately responding with a benefit for him. Artists came out in overwhelming numbers and provided gift certificates that allowed Rick to get back to painting and rebuilding his collection.  

Dreamscape by Rick Garcia

Dreamscape by Rick Garcia



The galleries agreed to return his work allowing enough inventory for him to exhibit.  And, through the generosity of our La Quinta community, Rick was offered home-hosting by a Foundation patron, defraying lodging costs and further aiding in his recovery.


This is just one of the life stories behind the exceptional artists who come together for the Festival. Patrons may come for the wide variety of art, but there is so much more to explore and experience while they are here.  Visit Rick Garcia in booth # 629.