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8th annual Hot Rod and Custom car show!

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Join the La Quinta Chamber of Commerce as they host the 8th annual Hot Rod and Custom car show!

Jan 26, 2014, 9am – 4pm, La Quinta Community Park, 77865 Avenida Montezuma, La Quinta, CA

Check-in 9:00 A.M. Show Starts 11:00 A.M. Awards 4:00 P.M

Here’s your chance to see souped-up, hopped-up roadsters, creative custom cars and motorcycles, old-time California culture at its best in La Quinta at the Community Park.

Hot Rod shows have been the mainstay of Southern California culture since the late 1930’s when Angelinos and others would take their beefed up Ford Model A’s, T’s and B’s to the empty desert spaces just north-east of the city and race their vehicles. They would modify their cars taking off various parts which were deemed unnecessary, adding faster engines and nicknamed them speedsters. The aim was to make their vehicles travel faster and lighter while they raced them across the desert floors.

After the WWII, hotrodders started organizing meet-ups at empty airports, doing drag racing, and creating safety standards and an association. A mechanical aptitude, technical know-how, creativity with regards to the ‘souping up’ of the car, distinctive paint jobs, and loud engine noises are, as then, still part and parcel of this cultural institution. It grew in popularity in today’s world, and there are hot rod, street rod and custom car meet-ups all over the world, particularly in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Sweden.

Join the events on January 26th! Admission is free! If you are the proud owner of a hotrod, custom car, or a motorcycle, for a small fee, you can enter your vehicle to put on display. Get in touch with the chamber for all the info. A beer garden, family fun area, food court, music and raffles are all to be expected at this fun event so there is something for everyone.