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5 Reasons to Apply to La Quinta Arts Festival ® 2019

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Apply to La Quinta Arts Festival, March 7-10, 2019. Apply online before the deadline of Sunday, September 30th, 2018. 

Never participated before? Here are 5 reasons to apply to La Quinta Arts Festival:

        1. ART = The Premier Main Attraction!

Through its commitment to sustain an exceptional quality of work and general prestige that its patrons have come to expect year-after-year, La Quinta Arts Festival has firmly established itself as a premier destination for arts and culture. We pride ourselves in bringing the right buyers to the event who have an interest in fine art and craft, matched with the desire and means to add to their collections.

The focus is on the visual arts with music and the mountains serving as an ambient backdrop to the visual arts experience.

      2. ART SALES = The Opportunity Awaits!

In 2017 and 2018 art sales exceeded $3.4 million each year, an average of $14,000 per artist. These sales figures are based on a four day show, open from 10 am to 5 pm each day. No late hours at La Quinta!

     3. EVENT RECOGNITION = Honored With Accolades By Your Peers

La Quinta Arts Festival has commanded the #1 position on the list of fine art festival rankings in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, published in Greg Lawler’s Art Fair SourceBook, the definitive guide for art and craft fairs in the United States. The ranking is judged by exhibiting artists from around the country.

     4. AMBIANCE = Spectacular Setting, Delightful Atmosphere

La Quinta Arts Festival is located on the spectacular grounds of the La Quinta Civic Center Campus, a short drive from legendary Palm Springs, California.

The thirteen acre campus is a life-size picture postcard framed by majestic mountains, rolling green lawns, and a lake. A magnificent outdoor gallery, it’s regarded as the most stunning festival site in the country by Art Fair SourceBook.

     5. ARTIST AWARD RECEPTION = Network with your peers!

Who doesn’t love a great party?! Catered by 12 local restaurants who take pride in introducing the best of the California desert, the artist award reception is a wonderful gathering to thank and honor our artists.  We are certain that it is the only award reception in the country where no jacket is required and artists are encouraged to attend in flip flops and shorts. 

Still have questions on why you should apply to La Quinta Arts Festival? Learn more: La Quinta Arts Festival Participation

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Steered by its non-profit mission of “Promoting and Cultivating the Arts” since 1982, La Quinta Arts Foundation uses proceeds from La Quinta Arts Festival to provide scholarship funding to visual arts college students!