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2017 Artist Advisors

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Our team of Artist Advisors serves as liaisons between the Artists and the Foundation, providing us with valuable feedback, along with objective and innovative advice. If Artists have questions about La Quinta Arts Festival participation and prefer speaking to a knowledgeable peer, we encourage you to contact one of them. The Artist Advisors are frequent award winners, highly experienced exhibitors and have participated in La Quinta Arts Festival for numerous years. The Foundation fondly refers to them as the Twelve Apostles.

Robert Ferguson, CA – Painting –

A La Quinta Arts Foundation art event would not be complete without the presence of American impressionist Robert Ferguson. He has traveled from his studio in Escondido to participate in almost every Art Under the Umbrellas show since its inception and is annually among the highest selling artists at the event. Robert is a veteran of LQAF’s Desert Plein Air shows, and has achieved even further success as a regular exhibitor at La Quinta Arts Festival.

Erin Hanson –

An accomplished plein air painter, Erin applies elements of plein air technique to her impressionist style. Her art always stands out in a crowd, the bright colors and loose brushstrokes capturing the imagination of her viewers. Her original oil paintings are avidly collected by art lovers around the world, and her work can be seen in top-rated galleries, festivals, and art museums across the United States.

Guilloume – Painting/Sculpture –

Guilloume was chosen as the La Quinta Arts Festival 2015 Poster Artist for his original painting entitled “In Prayer.” Guilloume’s bronze and stone creations have been singled out by Sculpture Magazine to place.  His work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Sedona, Sante Fe, and Albuquerque, as well as in his native Colombia.

Painter - Tate Hamilton Colorado (002)Tate Hamilton – Painting –

I have been painting for many years and enjoy painting in a ‘painterly’ style. I can paint just about any subject and prefer painting cityscapes. Painting to me is about having fun and challenging myself, using the basic visual elements.

Christophe Jeffries
Christopher Jeffries –

Through extensive international education and experience with some of today’s most inventive and renowned glass artists, Christopher is able to innovate and execute amazing glass creations for enthusiasts, and private collectors internationally. Christopher continues to produce radiant and alluring glass art that satisfy the desires of individuals, galleries, hotels, businesses and museums throughout the world.


Laurent Martres
Laurent Martres –

Laurent is the award-winning author and publisher of the “Photographing the Southwest” book series on Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. When not managing his business or exhibiting at art festivals, Laurent travels as much as he can around the U.S. and the world, constantly looking for new locations and images. He is a veteran of over 200 arts festivals over the past ten years, although now he limits his appearances to Southern California.

Michael McKee – Drawing, Pastel,

A National Scholastics Art Scholarship winner, and Honors graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Michael has spent his professional life as a portrait artist, illustrator, graphic designer, art director and for 15 years as co-founder and creative director of Successories Inc. In the last 12 years, he has been enjoying much success exhibiting in art shows, galleries and art festivals around the country, showing and selling his ‘abstract impressionist’ landscapes.

Jason Napier – Sculpture –

Internationally acclaimed wildlife artist Jason Napier’s bronze sculptures are collected and revered around the globe. Jason is known around the globe for his stylized collection of wildlife sculptures. His smooth surfaces, graceful lines and carefully selected high polished areas accentuate motion and give life to some of nature’s most beloved subjects. Jason applies a patina finish to suit each animal and are so unique they have given him a reputation amongst his collectors and peers alike.

Dorothee Naumburg –

Dorothee’s jewelry boldly combines high karat gold with the rich colors of fine gemstones and the muted hues of rare pearls. Her work has been called understated and elegant and has won her 20 first place awards at art shows throughout California. Her pieces are created in 18K gold, 14K gold and platinum. They are finished with a variety of surface textures like my ‘crinkled’ gold, (which mimics gold leaf), and accented with fine pearls, drusy and gemstones.

Isabelle Posillico, CA – Jewelry –

Isabelle regards her signature style of art work as “Elegant Contemporary Jewelry & Metal” in which she designs, creates, roller prints, forms, constructs, and solders each individual piece she makes in her one-person studio in Northern California. Each jewelry piece is created with the ability to stand on its own with its timeless design. It is important to her that the jewelry pieces she designs are wearable, yet fun and elegant.

 Leo Posillico, CA  –  Painting and Mixed Media –

A successful, award-winning artist for over 30 years from Santa Rosa, Calif., Leo Posillico’s work is widely recognizable through his signature brush stroke characters. He always works in series, whether it be 2D Mixed Media, Sculpture, or Acrylic Painting. Trained at New York City’s School of Visual Arts, Posillico has been a photographer in Vietnam and pursued a multi-faceted career as an art director, illustrator, board game designer, album, book cover artist, and author.

      Lorra Lee Rose - MamboLorra Lee Rose – Mixed

Lorra Lee Rose creates visually stunning artworks using brilliant naturally colored feathers to make life-size human figures and masks. Her work has a mythic, fantastic quality, evoking a sense of belonging to another time and place, a magical world of dream-beings, while still being intensely vivid and present. Inspired by tribal art, old movies, belle epoque costumes—and especially by her deep experience of the materials themselves—Lorra Lee develops complex patterns that feature vivid color, contrast, movement and symmetry.