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2014 La Quinta Festival Spotlight | Cynthia Myers

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Cynthia Myers | Glass

Mendocino, CA | Booth #302

The stunning Mendocino Coast and her beautiful garden lay at the heart of what inspires Cynthia Myers when she approaches a blank art glass. With over 25 years of experience, her exquisite art work features vibrant flora and fauna, innovative rims, and is collected and featured in galleries in Europe, Japan and the United States. She sand carves into vases, goblets, and bowls as well as larger architectural pieces such as glass doors and windows.

Cynthia works with craftsmen in North Carolina, West Virginia and Brazil to hand blow the vessels ready for her embellishment. The next step involves taping resist tape to the glass and drawing on it her intricate and delicate designs of flora and fauna. During this step, Cynthia ensures that the elements within the design do not overlap and also takes into account the shadows. With a razor knife she cuts the tape following the lines of her design. 

Cynthia then brings her prepped glass into her sandblasting booth. She gently etches her design into the blank glass one design element at a time. Cynthia has perfected a shadowing technique that breathes depth and dimensionality into her art work and is rife with detail and full of life.