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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight | Year of the Horse

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 2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight | Year of the Horse

It is the year of the Horse, the Wood Horse to be exact, which according to the zodiac calendar and Chinese horoscopes means that there is a lot of forward and upward momentum. This momentum could, however, at any moment be destroyed by the fire that sits under the wood that sits under the horse. So be prepared and always have a plan b

Also consider that the horse is a beautiful creature and by adding glamour and pizzazz to your wardrobe and person, you too can dazzle all your friends this zodiac year. However, key here is substance, so look beyond any addition of the superficial kind. 

And substance is what you will find at the festival. A few of the artists that are attending the La Quinta Arts Festival this year feature horses in their work using a plethora of artistic techniques and in ways that goes beyond the superficial. The horse is depicted as a statue, as a mixed-media installation, in a painting, or a photograph, and all have found unique ways to portray this magnificent creature. The horse is heralded as a proud beast, wild and victorious, as a whimsical beast, our pack animal of choice from days of yore; as a magical being, a figurative drawing or as a young girl’s best friend.

Pay your respects to this year’s zodiac animal by visiting these artists at their booth and be prepared for a wild yet glorious ride!

Armando Adrian-Lopez, Abiquiu, NM, Mixed Media, Booth #717Laurel Peterson Gregory, Sedalia, CO, Sculpture, Booth #700
Dona Bollard, Rye, CO, Photoraphy, Booth #312Malen Pierson, Lewiston, UT, Sculpture, Booth #615
Doug Landreth, Bellevue, WA, Photography, Booth #623Michael Madzo, Medora, ND, Mixed Media, Booth #627
Douglas Wodark, Castle Rock, CO, Painting, Booth #206Nancy Holly, Laguna Beach, CA, Photography, Booth #768
Elaine Mathews, Rancho Mirage, CA, Painting, Booth #722Sang Choi, Sandy, UT, Painting, Booth # 727
Gregory Kinne, Quincy, CA, Mixed Media, Booth #654Steve Stento, Anthem, AZ, Painting, Booth #235
Jason Napier, Friday Harbor, WA, Sculpture, Booth #124Tres Taylor, Birmingham, AL, Mixed Media, Booth #128
Kristin DeSantis, Allenspark, CO, Sculpture, Booth #508 



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Mark Stephenson
February 21, 2014, 6:11 pm

Brilliant! KUDOS!!

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