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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight: Stephen Harmston

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Stephen Harmston | Printmaking

Chandler, AZ | Booth #643

For over twenty-five years, Stephen Harmston has been working as an artist focusing on original hand-pulled serigraphs, also known as screen printing. It is a very labor intensive process, taking anywhere from one month for a smaller design up to 3-4 months for the large prints. Stephen creates the design, hand-cuts the stencils, transfers the design onto a screen, mixes the colors and then prints these limited edition pieces. Once the edition has been printed, the stencils are destroyed.

It is an ancient craft and has been traced as far back to 9000 BC when stencils were used for decorative purposes in Greece and Egypt. They have also been found in China and Japan and were first found in the West in the 15th century.

Serigraphs are ideal for designs that are bold and Stephen Harmston uses anywhere from six to forty colors for a piece. HarmstonArts work is strongly influenced by the travels that Stephen undertakes with his wife Bonnie, aka his muse. You can expect to see serigraphs that feature colorful flora and fauna, architectural delights and big abundant skies found all along the American West from the dry, hot desert of the Southwest to the lush landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.