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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight: Sheila Evans

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Sheila Evans | Drawing and Pastels

Spokane, WA | Booth #210

Sheila Evans  has been painting with pastels and oil pastels for over twenty five years. She started drawing around the time she started to walk. Sheila was born in Long Beach, CA and moved with her family to Spokane where she has lived since she was five.

She draws to great effect the natural world around her on both small and intricate canvasses to large scale paintings. Her work is full of joie de vivre and vibrancy, yet soft and instilled with a sense of calmness.  

A continuing theme in her work is the use of leaves. They are lushly painted almost to the point of abstraction, where the leaf becomes the sky, the stems possible roads, they become the landscapes themselves.

In the words of Ben Mitchell, a museum curator: “Sheila Evans’s work is beautiful, lyrical and sensitive. She draws like a demon and her subtle, intuitive sense of color makes me think of Turner or Constable – or the hues you hear in a Yo-Yo Ma cello solo”.  

Visit Sheila’s booth to greet the first time La Quinta Arts Festival attendee and to see for yourself her remarkable pieces.