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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight | Sarah Kaufman

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Sarah Kaufman | Painting

Nashville, TN | Booth # 642

Sarah Kaufman’s world is a surreal and vibrant world of dreamscapes, of circus acts and fantasies. It is inhabited by lions atop houses on stilts, butterflies, elephants, flying pigs and flying girls dreaming of pirates, or flying behind horses. Her quirky figurative narratives fill the canvas reminding the viewer of Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Life of Pi thrown in with a splash of playfulness and surrealism. They are timeless, they are full of energy, they are idiosyncratic. Sarah writes, “My imagery is fairly surreal – I like to draw the viewer in with careful rendering and detail and then keep them there with the unusual narrative of the images and ideas”.

Sarah fills her canvas using traditional oil painting techniques and creates a textured element using plaster and gesso and then seals that texture with vivid glazes of acrylic. Sarah is visiting us for the first time and is coming all the way from Nashville, TN where she lives with her husband and two children. Visit her booth and take home a painting so you can let yourself fall into her world for awhile.

My paintings play with concepts of connection and energy. Our world is made of vibration and energy. Feeling distinct from our environment and each other is only an illusion. My visual stories are intended to remind the viewer of their very fundamental connection to everything around them.” – Sarah Kaufman