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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight: Kaleidovisions

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Mark and Carol Reynolds of Kaleidovisions | Wood

Austin, TX | Booth # 621

Mark and Carol Reynolds of Kaleidovisions are in the business of hand-crafting little dazzlers of delight that enchant generations and have enchanted for generations. The kaleidoscope was invented in 1816 by a Scottish scientist, David Brewster and literally means “beautiful form watcher”. The Reynolds make kaleidoscopes using the finest wood  and craft it to perfection filling the chambers with fine oils, flame-worked pieces, dichroic glass, seashells, gemstones, and found objects.

While Mark was attending University in Austin, TX, he and his brother were in the business of hand-crafting kaleidoscopes in order to supplement their income. He continued selling these after he finished with his English Literature studies, and with the advancing of technology and “the discovery of front surface mirrors, image clarity became the benchmark for the future of scope appreciation”. His wife, Carol, joined him in the business in 1989 and they have been captivating their audiences and selling their high-quality scopes in art shows and in galleries across the country since.