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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight | John Wayne Jackson

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John Wayne Jackson | Sculpture

Black Mountain, NC | Booth #530

John Wayne Jackson is all about leaves. Tree leaves, flower leaves, vegetable leaves, leaves turning colors, spring, summer, fall leaves. Small scale and enormous, leaves found in the jungle, the forest, and the desert, Jackson creates sculptures making use of nature’s beautiful bounty.

Nature is his muse and his love of gardening has led him to explore the fossilization art whereby he takes real leaves and makes castings out of them. Jackson drops the leaf on wet sand and uses a specially blended molding material, which he developed himself. The mold takes on the intricate and delicate lines of the leaves and achieves the look that he is after. The casts are then dyed, stained and sealed.

Originally from Arizona, Jackson and his wife Paige are now calling western North Carolina home. He worked as a consultant in leadership, communications, innovation and team-building skills prior to becoming a full-time artist. He has achieved notoriety with his sculptures and has even appeared on a couple of television programs including a Phoenix, AZ television show “Your Life A to Z” along with musician Alice Cooper and wife, Sheryl. Jackson demonstrated his technique and got the Cooper’s to make their own leaf sculpture.  

“Nature is my constant companion and truly the artist. By providing me with the plant materials needed, I can bring permanence to that which would otherwise wither and die. After completing each piece, I get an immediate rush of reverence and appreciation for the miracles of nature.”