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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight | Jim Budish

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Jim Budish – Sculpture

Highland park, IL – Booth #100


Jim Budish has been attending the La Quinta Arts Festival for more than a decade. Traveling from his home and studio in Illinois along with his unique representations of elongated furry creatures large and small and sculptures of joyous dancing human forms, Jim’s menagerie near the West entrance never fails to delight festival attendees.

The bronze sculptures, which Budish makes using the lost wax method, are very popular and he is represented by galleries all over the US and British Columbia.

Jim had not always been a sculptor. At the age of forty, he was working as a real-estate broker and realized that what he really wanted to do was sculpt. He handed over his keys to his oldest son who was working with him, let him know that the office was his if he so wished, walked out the door and never looked back.

After throwing himself into the deep end, Jim had no choice but to succeed: “It was either succeed or live out of my car,” he says. “And I did not want to live out of my car.

Since 2000 he has won over 16 awards, either Best in Show or Second Place, his work has been selected by art councils and his sculpture of a rabbit named Chauncey has been in the movies! Chauncey was featured in the 2006 film “The Break Up” starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.

I felt that I wanted to create my own new and unique direction in representing the human form and the forms of the multitude of special creatures surrounding us, exploring the unique attitude, emotion and personality of each, while attempting to capture the “Joie de Vivre” that I believe is “lurking” somewhere inside all of us.”