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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight | Jeffrey Zachmann

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Jeffrey Zachmann | Sculpture

Fergus Falls, MN | Booth #525

Jeffrey Zachmann lives an artist’s dream. He has been working as an artist all his life, first working as a potter selling functional ceramics before hitting on the idea of making kinetic sculptural machines. And his sculptures have amazed and instilled a sense of wonder in the crowds since the day he put them out to play.

As a child growing up near Minneapolis, his friends and he built tunnels and trails in dirt as runways for marbles. It was this memory that inspired him later in life to create his intriguing static sculptures that when set in motion, are enchanting.

Jeffrey draws on physics, technology and art and is a mastermind in all three, balancing aesthetics and functionality until it feels and works just right. The marbles are set in motion and the sculpture becomes a rollercoaster, where the marbles are chased, dropped and flung through the air, never once breaking from their intended trajectory.    

It invites the viewer to participate and interact with the piece. I try to make my work an oasis within a hectic world. Life can be too serious; we all need those things that let us retreat from it. – Jeffrey Zachmann