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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight | Hetty & Norman Metzger

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Hetty & Norman Metzger | Fiber

Cedar Park, TX | Booth #639

Hetty & Norman Metzger’s choice of medium is paper. This they use to create their bold, geometrical art pieces. They have different methods of how they work with this fibrous form. They create tiny paper boxes adding a 3-d element and depth to their art work. They layer paper much like a weaver would do, and crinkle, cut, and shape it to create strong visual forms. They position the different colored paper to add symmetry, movement, and energy.

Hetty Metzger has always been an artist from the time she received her first box of Crayola crayons as a child. However, she only began to pursue it actively after having her second son. At first, she found her niche within the acrylic and ink mediums, choosing to focus on traditional, representational work. After she found her level of artistic inspiration dropping off, Hetty discovered that switching to paper gave her a new creative lease. So she ran with it and was thrilled to be working with this new process.

Norman had a slightly different entry into the art world. He was already helping Hetty with finishing her art work and after he retired from human services, his dormant creative side started coming to the fore. Since his retirement he is working full-time again, this time as an artist collaborating with his wife. Together Hetty & Norman Metzger bring their beautifully tactile fiber art work to the people and are happy about the very positive responses to their work.   

“Our current work is a collaboration of whom we are and whom we’ve been, with an ever-present eye to where we are going. We are pleased that the journey is enabling us to create art that is appreciated by the public and recognized by our peers”.