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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight | Caroline Viene

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Caroline Viene | Jewelry

Eugene, OR | Booth #602

Caroline Viene has been a practicing metalsmith for over twenty years. She has owned and has been part of a couple of jewelry galleries featuring artists from across the nation.  Her work has been shown in museums and galleries across the United States.  Her pieces inspire wonder and do more than merely adorn: Her jewelry invites viewers to create stories surrounding the piece. Full of texture, striking patination and surprising decorative elements, Caroline’s process starts with a sketch.

Calling on memory and imagination, it would not be far stretched to say that Viene’s jewelry is like a small sculptural piece. She does not limit herself to any one metal, but rather incorporates stones, exotic wood, prehistoric ivories, and other treasures she might find in the natural world and adds splashes of color when the mood hits.

Visit Caroline at her booth and be awed and inspired by her beautiful work. And know that when you purchase a piece of jewelry, it is more than just adornment.

My jewelry is based on my interest in nature and humankind. It has allowed me to create an entire world in a space so small that is capable of fitting in the palm of your hand.”  – Caroline Viene


brenda winter
February 24, 2014, 4:09 pm

I love the earrings! I will be down for this event. What is the price for the earnings? brenda winter