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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight: Boris Kramer

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Boris Kramer | Sculptor

Harrisburg, PA | Booth #640

From 10” to monumental sized, Boris Kramer’s sculptures are fluid, alive and full of human expression. Originally from Canada, Boris now calls Harrisburg, PA his home and he will be present for the first time at this year’s La Quinta Arts Festival.  

“I am a sculptor. I heat and form metal until it emulates expressions of human relationships. When heated, metal is very forgiving, which is why I choose it as a medium. Through art, I explore humanity. In particular, the ways in which we are drawn together.”

His sculptures often feature couples, dancers, families and even groups where each individual sculpture is part of a larger community, tied by a strong bond that connects us as human beings. And, his work has proves to be very popular. Celebrities who own a Boris Kramer sculpture include President Gerald Ford, Victor Borge, Harry Belafonte, Kenny Rogers, Princess Margaret, Jean Chretien, Pierre Trudeau, Nana Mouskouri, and Billy Graham.