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2014 La Quinta Arts Festival Spotlight: Clark Renfort

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Clark Renfort | Sculpture

Laytonville, CA | Booth #745

Clark Renfort’s signature pieces are exquisitely hand-crafted lamps made from sustainable Lyptus wood and glass, reminiscent of Art Nouveau but with a modern twist. Although he attended college as a music major, he turned to woodworking and artistic interior lighting and has been showing his functional and elegant art since 1980.

Originally from Kansas City, MO and Chicago, IL, Clark was only nine when his family moved to Los Gatos, CA. This is where his love for woodworking began to emerge. His father taught him some carpentry skills and with the exception of his short stint as a music major, he has been building his marvelous lamps ever since. 

When the sun sets, lighting becomes essential to our lives. My mission is to beautifully illuminate the objects people love, to create reflections, shadows, ambience, and the comfort of home. Creating exquisite lighting with wood and glass is my passion.” 

Say hello to first-time La Quinta Arts Festival artist Clark Renfort and visit his booth filled to the brim with beautiful lamps of all sizes!