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2010 Featured Festival Artist: Kristin DeSantis

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Kristin DeSantis

Since I can remember, I’ve always been attracted to high places. My sights were directed towards the highest mountains and gaining the physical strength to get there. Even then, getting to the top was not enough. The reward was the downhill, whether on foot, skis or bike, going as fast as I could to resemble flight.

One day, I was climbing with my husband outside of Boulder, Colorado. I looked down towards the birds that were flying below me and said aloud, “I used to be able to do that.” I then shook my head and remembered that I am human. Birds and flight are a huge inspiration for my work, leading me to create images that are not bound by human restrictions. My home and studio are located high in the Rocky Mountains at 8300’ in Allenspark, Colorado. I thrive in this space along with my husband, Marc, our two boys, Storm, 13, Steel, 7, and two birds, Alice, an African KristinAliceSophieGrey and Sophie, a Green-Cheek Conure.

I started my career in art as an illustrator and graphic designer in advertising. I had always painted on canvas in my spare time. On a quest for something new, exciting and of course, more physically challenging, I started playing around with metal. At first my pieces were simple and monotone. Then I started adding color to give the metal a more vibrant and luminous feel. As my color palette grew, so did my palette of power tools with which to work the metal. Soon the painting process and metal working skills complimented each other and worked in unison. This process continues to evolve with each new piece I create.

KristinI am still climbing those mountains and flying back down with my husband as we train and compete in road and off-road triathlons. After a hard day out on the race course, my studio welcomes me with a familiar grounding. My work is influenced by the physical and mental demand of training/racing, teaching me to push the limits of what is possible artistically with my medium.

Whether participating in an art festival or athletic event, the kids and birds travel with us when they can. We believe that the experiences our family has in our travels and with the people we meet, provide an education that enriches all our lives.

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Meet Kristin at La Quinta Arts Festival, March 11-14, 2010!